Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes this The Best SQL Server Performance Tuning Training On The Internet?

You can learn about problems anywhere. I teach you a variety of reliable ways to find and fix problems. You know, those awful, lurking gremlins that keep you up at night and ruin your weekends? Read more here.


Q: If I hate it, can I have my money back?

Of course, if it's within 30 days. After that, I've already paid taxes and rent and all that good stuff. I can give you a refund minus taxes and rent, but it'd be pretty expensive for you 😃


Q: Do you sell to Europe?

I sell to anyone, anywhere. All prices are USD, and all videos are in English.


Q: Do you ever have sales?

Discount codes will be periodically offered to Nice People™, and I'll have seasonal promotions. This is not a dollar store, and I do not accept Microsoft vouchers. I'm not even sure what those are, but people ask me about them.